A New Perspective for East KC and Raytown




School Choice

I am a firm believer that a child’s ZIP code should not determine the quality of their future. As a father, I know firsthand the frustration many people in our community feel with the lack of options for their children’s education. As Senator, I will work to empower parents to make decisions to ensure their children have access to a decent education, regardless of their financial ability.

Equal Shared Parenting

Our children are more likely to succeed when they are raised by both parents. As Senator, I am prepared to sponsor legislation that would guarantee equality in custody proceedings, while also ensuring that children are not placed in potentially dangerous or abusive homes. 

Decriminalize Marijuana

The outdated, unjust policies of the failed War on Drugs have put too many of our fellow Missourians - particularly African-American and Hispanic Missourians - behind bars, with criminal records, and with limited prospects for meaningful employment. These laws perpetuate a cycle of crime and poverty in our community. These people are not monsters- they are our neighbors, relatives, and friends, who made a simple mistake and harmed no one. As Senator, I will fight to decriminalize marijuana and give these Missourians a second chance. 

Criminal Justice Reform

As Senator, I will work to fix our broken criminal justice system, by reducing sentencing for nonviolent offenders and focusing on rehabilitation rather than punitive justice, so those who have paid their debt to society are better prepared to enter the workforce and less likely to re-offend. Additionally, I will do everything in my power to combat racial profiling and ensure equality in sentencing. 

Attract Quality Jobs

As Senator, I will work to reduce barriers-to-entry and excessive regulation to make Missouri a more competitive business environment, bringing high-paying, good jobs to Kansas City.


David's Commitments


Support Small Businesses

As Senator, I will fight to protect small, locally-owned businesses's ability to compete on a level playing field. I will not vote for corporate handouts that give out-of-state megacorporations an unfair advantage and put Kansas City entrepreneurs out of business. 

Support Minority Communities

I believe in equal opportunity for all, and will combat institutional racism in our laws. I want to be the Senator for everyone in my district. 

Protect the Second Amendment

I will never vote for gun control proposals that would inhibit our ability to defend our homes, our families, and our freedom. 

Stand for the Unborn

I am pro-life and support the Heartbeat law passed by Governor Parson in 2019.